To register for classes, you must call 288-4851 (indoor classes) or 281-6186 (outdoor classes) or stop into our Indoor Site. To request any other information, or provide feedback on our site, please contact us at [email protected].

Program Description

Outdoor Indoor
4-6y. Classes are 45 minutes. Uses large foam balls or red large low compression balls.

Quickstart I - Players have never played tennis. Players are introduced to tennis: forehand, backhand and volley. Focus on developing hand-eye coordination.

Quickstart II - Have completed Quickstart I. Classes are 45 minutes. A continuation of instruction to tennis forehand, backhand, volley and hand-eye coordination introduced in QS1. Players can consistently make contact with tossed balls and can periodically hit tossed balls over the net.
Junior Development

Outdoor Indoor
Beginners - Either completed QS series or are 6 years old. If over 6, can be new to tennis. Get introduced to forehand, backhand, serve and volley. Use the smaller orange pressure less balls.

Advanced Beginner - Able to hit groundstrokes form the baseline. Knows mechanics of serve but misses a fair amount. This level focuses on all the strokes. May use some of the smaller orange pressure less balls.

Intermediate - Must be able to get their serve in 50% of the time. Class consists of 1/2 hr out of basket working on strokes and 1/2 hr of point play.

Advanced - Continues to work on stroke development and also introduces more strategy.
Advanced Player Development

Outdoor Indoor
Tournament Group - Juniors that have committed to tennis and want to play high school tennis. Many of these juniors play JV tennis. Must have a membership.

Excellence - Juniors are either JV or varsity players. Membership required.

Big Dog - Varsity players

Elite Big Dog - By invitation only.
Home School Students

Daytime Homeschool classes are available.