Birthplace: Tczew, Poland
Education: Augustana University, Sioux Falls, SD. 2019 B.A. Exercise Science & Fitness Management

Teaching Experience

Playing Experience

Most Memorable Tennis Moment

3-hour final match of the ITA Regionals (to qualify for Nationals) after playing a 3-hour semifinal match before that. I won the 1st set, lost the 2nd set. I started to cramp at the beginning of the 3rd set. I was down 1-5, 30-40 and climbed my way back to 5-5 dealing with full body cramps. Ended up losing the match with the 3rd set score 7-5. I was rushed to the hospital with 4 IV bags. A few weeks later, I found out my opponent won the National Championship. I came back stronger the following year and won the ITA Regional Finals and qualified for Nationals.

Favorite Saying:

A good coach can change a game: a great coach can change a life.

Favorite Sports Teams

Other Hobbies